What is the Minimum Volume of Content a Page Should Have?

In August 2018, Google’s John Mueller carried out an AMA on Reddit, and provided a number of insightful answers to website related questions.

One such question was with regards to the volume of content that a homepage or internal page should have, in order to be recognised in a positive light by Google.

Part of the question included the following: “Our company was till the end of 2017 heavily focusing on “texts must be key to solve all SEO problems. We will optimize the technical part of your website, but content is king. Put atleast 500+ words on the home-page and about 700+ words on the subpages.” ”

In response to this, John replied with the following, to share that he does not believe algorithms monitor the volume of content on a page:

FWIW I’m almost certain that none of our algorithms count the words on a page — there’s certainly no “min 300 words” algorithm or anything like that. Don’t focus on word count, instead, focus on getting your message across to the user in their language. What would they be searching for, and how does your page/site provide a solution to that? Speak their language — not just “German” or “English”, but rather in the way they understand, and in the way they’d want to be spoken with. Sometimes that takes more text to bring across, sometimes less.

How much content should a page have to rank?

John’s advice here is very much to focus on the quality of the content, rather than the quantity of the words on the page.

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