How Many Search Ranking Factors Does Google Use?

Google have repeatedly said that they use hundreds of factors when determining where websites should appear in the search results. This point was once again confirmed by Google’s Gary Illyes.

In a Reddit AMA from February 2019, Gary was asked a question regarding some of the factors affecting search results: “If the algorithm isn’t tracking CTR, Dwell time, etc. how does Google know if a piece of content is successful? Or is this determined by on-page elements that Google deems to be good?
For example, instead of monitoring user metrics on the page, Google makes the assumption that if the page is fast, and has relevant content above the fold it will please users.”

Rather than being able to give a specific and definitive answer to this question, Gary did confirm that there are in fact over 200 factors affecting search results:

PR answer: we use over 200 signals to rank pages.

Gary answer: we use over 200 signals to rank pages, and some of those are even announced and you mentioned them.

Over 200 Google ranking signals

It’s unsurprising that Gary wasn’t able to provide a more in-depth answer, especially in an AMA, however it’s still useful to once again receive this confirmation of their being hundreds of factors.

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