Does Google Still Use PageRank?

An interesting discussion has appeared on HackerNews whereby a former Google-Search Engineer has claimed that Google haven’t used PageRank since 2006:

The comments here that PageRank is Google’s secret sauce also aren’t really true – Google hasn’t used PageRank since 2006

Many SEOs would take this point as being accurate, as they feel Google has moved to using something that is instead similar to the original version PageRank.

This theory would fit in with the thoughts quoted above.

Googles Gary Illyes did actually state in February 2017 that Google are still using PageRank as a ranking factor:

DYK that after 18 years we’re still using PageRank (and 100s of other signals) in ranking?

do google still use pagerank?

Although further reading once again supports the fact that whilst a form PageRank may still be in use, this is perhaps a more updated version of the original.

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